Room Transformations

It’s a frequent refrain just before friends moved that “If I knew my home could look this great, maybe I wouldn’t be so quick to get out of here!” Carol can work with you and your family to transform a single room in your home and remind you why you fell in love with it in the first place. She’ll make suggestions of paint colors, furniture arrangement, and big-impact, low-cost changes you can implement immediately.




Nursery 4


Carol will meet with you and your family to understand what works and what doesn’t, will survey your existing furniture and space, then heads back to her studio where she’ll come up with the best layout for you. Her goal is to use as much of your existing furniture and accessories as possible to boost your budget and keep your house looking like you, just with a bit more awesome. She’ll put together a mood board, a floor plan, and big impact suggestions to review together. Carol will do minor shopping for accessories to augment what you have, will pull things from elsewhere in your house, suggest fixes or new paint, and will work with you to stage the room.

Rates are $1950 per room (kitchens and baths are excluded).