Full Design Services

If you’re thinking of starting a major kitchen, bath, or space reconfiguration project and feeling overwhelmed, you need Carol. Because she isn’t repping any products, her only agenda is to see you get the best project at the best price. When you bring her onto your team, she’ll save you time, money and stress. Carol will work with you to define your project budget, schedule, and any architectural challenges before you start your project and then come up with a high impact design.





Carol will meet with you and your family to understand what works and what doesn’t about your current space and find out what your dreams for your new space are. She will perform a survey your existing area, then heads back to her studio where she’ll come up with the best layout for you. Once you’ve worked together to confirm the right layout, Carol will work with you to develop a palate of materials, finishes, colors, furniture, accessories, and appliances. She understands budgets and has experience at all ends of the project budget spectrum from custom millwork to Ikea.

Carol will prepare annotated drawings and elevations and will help you find a contractor to do the work. She can select materials and shop for you, or can give you guidance to go out and do it on your own and provide coaching remotely if that’s what fits in your budget. Every project is a little different and Carol understands that. Carol will work closely with you and your contractors to solve problems and keep the project on track. She’ll be onsite at regular intervals to check in on the construction and answer questions. She won’t make any decisions that will affect your budget without you. No surprises, no heart attacks. As construction wraps up, Carol will help you move back into your space and stage your beautiful new room with your stuff.


Pricing is always clear and straightforward. At your request, she’ll give you a base price and provide a list of additional optional services that you can choose from a la carte.