It’s your space, you like certain things, and your Great Aunt’s needlepoint chair isn’t going anywhere. Design with Carol is layered, smart, and personal. She’s a great listener with almost 20 years of experience in commercial and residential design at every scale and every budget. You’ll be challenged, edited, curated, styled, and respected. The end result: a more beautiful, functional home that reflects the best of you.


There are 3,400 Benjamin Moore paint colors. If just reading that sentence gives you hives, you need Carol. As a Certified Interior Designer, Carol knows her stuff and her job is to break things down, give you options, and help you make great decisions. By your side, she’ll help you select the right materials, furniture and finishes for your space and she’ll give you inspiration, palates, and confidence to work with your builder or tackle the home improvement store on your own. She didn’t become an expert overnight and doesn’t think you should have to be one to have the space you love.


Carol wouldn’t hire a designer if she didn’t know how it fit in her project budget, so why would you? With straightforward pricing and clear expectations, an upfront investment in planning will give you the most bang for your design and construction buck. Many interior designers build their fees into furniture sales, so they’re incented to sell you the most expensive furniture. Carol doesn’t work that way. She’s not a salesperson and has no allegiance to anyone but you, her client and advocates for you, your budget, and your overall goals.