Traditional Transformation


This project started with a house with good bones, but not a lot of personality. They wanted edgier, more interesting, and much more modern and I think we achieved it! We needed to make a big impact on entry and have it feel comfortable, cool, cohesive, and open to the beautiful grounds outside.


Dramatic paint colors in special rooms (dining and bedroom), layering textures, rearranging living room furniture, and an investment in some really special art made this house a home.


 Moving the piano to a more central space in the foyer allowed for a comfortable seating arrangement. 

New stone cladding on the fireplace tied the inside and outside together and felt authentic.




Cool light fixtures,  lots of layers, and a consistency in the color scheme throughout makes this open house flow together beautifully.



A neutral, simple palate in the bedroom upped the drama and made the scale of the large room work. Did you know that painting a dark color doesn’t make a room feel smaller all the time? It can blur the corners and expand your horizons to give you a sense of depth and scale.


And because you know I love them, some before shots from the previous owner for comparison:





(hard to believe it’s the same house, right!)