Silver Lining Family Space Expansion



Sometimes, bad things happen to good people. And sometimes good people come out better for it! This amazing family of 9 had a flooded kitchen the week before Christmas. Instead of wallowing, they got right to work and began planning to rebuild and expand to add their dream kitchen and family room.

When they moved into their current home, they quickly added bedroom space to accommodate¬†the kids. They hoped that down the road, they could add space to their kitchen, dining room, and family room. This was their chance! Rather than put things back just where they’d been, with Carol’s help, the family decided to add 25′ of main-floor living space and open up the floorplan.Storage was key for this family, and the first thing we added was a large pantry near the entrance to the kitchen. This will provide a place to keep bulky goods, lunchboxes, and oversized, rarely used items. The kitchen was reoriented and a large island was added with a new sink. Now the kids can belly-up for snack and homework. Dad is an amazing sourcer and found barely used high-end appliances at a steal. A 48″ fridge and 48″ range easily fit within the new space. Most of the usable storage moved into drawers below the counters so that all family members can reach and help set the table. We raised the ceiling to the rafters to keep things open.

The family room was doubled in size, too. Now there are two seating areas (one centered on the TV with a large, existing sectional) and one centered on the existing gas fireplace. With some extra space in the back, we added a work counter for homework and computers.


The family had a beautiful barnwood dining table and it is reoriented in the new space with new windows and a long storage bench on the side to provide additional seating for big gatherings. ¬†They’re off to the races with construction, and I’ll be sure to post progress and final photos when it’s all completed!



Progress – May 2015 The dining room is framed out.


Progress – May 2015 – the family room is expanded.